Ancient of the Day of Dragons

7 Jan 2017 Act One "Out of the Essendale Castle"

The sleuth of Essendale, Delphine, was summoned to High Chancellor Percy's chambers and asked to investigate possible plots against the king. Kel the Bloodmage was much to busy sitting on his laurels to attend the meeting.  Chancellor Percy instructs Delphine to start her investigation in the cloister.  Some suspicious Abbots seemed to be up to no good.  Delphine enlisted the help of Kel for the initial investigation and interrogation at the cloister.. As heroes started into the cloister they quickly found themselves the victims of a trap and the King dead within the chapel of the cloister.  With some quick thinking from Kel and a little blood magic, the heroes  escaped the clutches of the guards and found themselves in the courtyard between the cloister and Essendale Castle. Delpine escaped into the tunnels of the keep while Kel… not wanting to dirty his fine attire… surrendered to the castle guard.  

Kel was then taken and roughed up by the guards but before they gagged him Kel released a spell to summon Rust Beetles to him.  These little creatures are a nuisance  to anything metal.  



painless painless

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